About Us

 Susque View Farm is a small-scale, bio-intensive family farm located in Catawissa along the Susquehanna River. We strive to produce nutrient-dense, chemical-free, non-GMO foods and deliver them freshly harvested to market. Coming to CSA this year will be unique and gourmet varieties of baby greens, salad greens, microgreens, crunchy kale, colorful carrots, robust radishes, unique beans, baby squash, asian greens, heirloom vegetables, cherry and saladette tomatoes, and edible flowers!

We started our farm in February 2016 with nothing but an overgrown lawn and a vision. What began as an idea to grow an acre of garlic, soon turned into creating a mini-farm, borrowing greenhouse space, buying lots of tools and equipment, reading a ton of books, and turning that lawn into beautiful, nutrient-rich garden beds. Four months later we were selling vegetables at our farmers market stand and turning the heads of our neighbors who constantly wondered what we were up to.  


We had a busy, labor-intensive, successful first year, and decided this is really what we want to do.  So that winter we focused more on training with well-known urban farmers, getting "lean" in our operations, and starting more plants earlier.  We doubled the size of our workable fields and expanded our marketing.  Each year has brought new challenges- pests, whacky weather, health issues, COVID restrictions, and a dried up well. But that which does not kill us makes us stronger, so we used all these experiences to learn, grow, and make the farm better. No year is ever the same, but we keep on smiling, working, and remain committed to our promise to provide our community with superb, nutritious foods!


Where To Find Us

Currently, our farm is offering our produce through our CSA. What is a CSA?  It stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is like a subscription service for a weekly box of fresh-picked vegetables from our farm.  We decided this year to do a 16-week summer vegetable CSA well as a new 3 month Soup and Bread subscription throughout the rest of the year!  Currently we have pick up at the farm in Catawissa, Geisinger Danville, and Geisinger Woodbine.  Any feedback about our CSA would be valuable in making future decisions, so please talk to us! 

Who Is Susque View Farm?

We are Wes and Dena Fahringer! We married in 2012, combining families, dreams, and a passion for natural living.  We always dreamed of farming or homesteading, but never took the plunge until finding each other.  Plans of building an off-grid earth ship and living off the permaculture land took a backseat though as we had teenage children involved in activities and we spent our days shuttling kiddos around, adjusting to having newborns again, and blending our families.  One thing that remained was the idea of a farm, and our constantly growing garden/permaculture. When it came time to buy our own place, we seized the chance to snatch up an old farmhouse with 4 acres, and started dreaming.


 Wes graduated from Penn State, and farms on weekends, early mornings and evenings since he has a state job as a regional advisor  with DCNR (fancy talk for saying he helps people get grants to build/fix playgrounds, pools, recreation areas, rails to trails, ATV parks, and to preserve wild areas).  Dena is a full-time farming, homeschooling, stay-at-home mom, who graduated from Millersville University and previously was a special education teacher and daycare owner. Together we have 7 children ranging in age from 6 to 24.  The little guys are huge helpers on the farm, and with making deliveries. We enjoy teaching our children stewardship of the land and the value of knowing how to grow your own food. We share our farm with 34 chickens (soon to be many more!), 4 cats, 2 dogs, a bunny, and 1 miniature horse.

Our Philosophy 

Susque View Farm does not believe in the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemicals or genetic modification.  We DO believe in caring for the soil in a way that naturally adds nutrients and vitality, which in turn makes healthier, nutrient-dense produce.  Since our farm is very new, we do still plow to break up new areas to grow in, but then attempt no-till farming from there. Our goal is to be completely no-till as we feel it is more natural for the land and preserves soil layers and biomes.  We utilize tarps or cover crops in the winter to kill weeds and keep the soil happily fed. To prepare a bed for planting, we broadfork by

hand to aerate the soil, add compost, cultivate and level with hand tools, and apply landscaping fabric or straw to block weeds and keep moisture in. Once we get to planting, we do intensive plantings, which means we space so when they grow they shield out weeds naturally and we can get more plants per square foot. Pests and disease are addressed organically and naturally.  We use insect netting, hand-picking pests off plants, milk, epsom salt, Neem oil, pruning or companion plantings to prevent or subdue pests and disease. All of our beds are 30" wide which makes working them fairly easy. Our first year we worked 1/4 acre, and this year are continuing to work about 1/2 an acre.