Susque View Farm offers several CSA options:


Summer Vegetable CSA Share:   $500  

                 May 31-Sept 13


Soup & Bread:      

Spring Soup and Bread Subscription:   $400

                March 1-May 31    

Fall Soup and Bread Subscription:    $400

                Sept 6-Nov 29  

Vegetable CSA

A box of naturally grown vegetables, picked fresh from our farm in Catawissa. This share season runs 16 weeks, starting May 31 and going through September 13. Each weekly box contains about 6-7 different varieties of veggies each week, depending on the season. Just to give you an idea, those items could be, but are not limited to, the following: 4 oz. bag of lettuce, bunch of carrots, bunch of radishes, pint of cherry tomatoes, pints of baby squash/eggplant/beans/ peppers/tomatillos (depending on time of season), microgreens, bunch of beets, 4 oz. bag of  kale/arugula/spinach, bunch of herbs, or a large slicing tomato.


Our CSA is the perfect size for a beginning customer or a small family (2-4 people).

Your Weekly Share includes the following benefits:

  • 16 weeks of our fresh and great-tasting vegetables (May 31-September 13). This includes your share box,  plus access to the extras table.

  • A wide variety of veggies each week– You’ll get a healthy mix of staples and artisanal veggies in each box. We do that on purpose because we know that you would never choose some of these vegetables on your own. But we’ve seen countless people who have expanded their tastes because we encouraged them to try something new. And since we’re about changing the way people eat, this feature is non-negotiable for us.

  • You’re supporting a local business — You can know that 100% of your money is going right to our family to support us. I use your deposit to support our family and farm expenses in the spring months all the way through December.

  • Weekly Recipes- these give you a starting point for using your box to combat the feeling of overwhelm that often comes with the early years of CSA membership.

  • Multiple Pick-up locations and times: 3-3:30 Geisinger Danville, 4-4:30 Geisinger Woodbine, 5-6:30 Susque View Farm (18 Susque View Road, Catawissa).

Soup & Bread

Our weekly box includes a quart of gourmet homemade soup, a loaf of fresh-baked


sourdough bread, a pint of probiotic fermented vegetables, and two bags of microgreens


(usually pea shoots and sunflower shoots). Each subscription runs for 3 months.

Your Weekly Subscription box includes the following benefits:

  • 3 months of homemade, nutritious and delicious foods

  • Enough food for one large meal or several smaller meals. Our customers use this service for a nutritional night off of cooking, or as a week of delicious already prepped lunches.

  • Multiple Pick-up locations and times: 3-3:30 Geisinger Danville, 4-4:30 Geisinger Woodbine, 5-6:30 Susque View Farm (18 Susque View Road, Catawissa).

  • Our Daily Bread ministry-each week we donate soup and bread to one or several local families in need. With the help of past customers, we have blessed families recovering from illness or surgery, families that have lost a loved one, and some families that just need a helping hand. 

  • You're supporting a local business- your money is helping me stay home with my kids while still contributing towards the bills. Thank you!